Ventilation is your friend…….

Our Serenity had fabulous ventilation in the shower.  Our new/used Basecamp seemed to lack that ability.  The basecamp had the fan, but no cross ventilation for the bathroom/shower – must have been a guy design ;-).   Read More


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On this day where everyone is Irish I wanted to share some family history.

TIBS Makes New Friends

In the six or seven months since we got off the trail and move in to, okay mooched off, Charlene’s Mom and Dad’s place down the shore in Jersey Charlene has been trying to get the mated pair of swans who live on the creek to come to her so she could feed them (run on sentence alert). Read More

Batona, Botanicals and a Beaver

As we continue to prepare for our 2019 AT excursion TIBS and I are looking for new paths to walk and new things to see and share with you all. Recently we decided to head out to see the Carranza Memorial, to be featured on an upcoming blog, and take a little walk. The memorial is right

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I’ve Dumped the ZPack Arc Haul for Osprey Aether Pro 70

Last year I decided against the advice of Post Card, a member of the REI Marlton, NJ staff, author and two time AT thru-hiker, to jump into the ultra-lightweight backpack crowd.  I just had to have the ZPacks Arc Haul 62.   First the Good… I have to admit there are a lot of great features to be found on the Arc Haul and the A’ la carte way of customizing the pack to meet your needs.  Things like near water proof fabric,

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Out With The Old and In With The New

Large to Small Airstream – Why?

 We traded the 30’ Airstream for a 16’ Airstream.  Way smaller, but much more maneuverable and travelable (is there such a word as travelable?).  The 30’ was fabulous while we were full time.  She met all our needs, but getting her around was a bit tough.  She required an F250 to take her around and to run everything in the trailer we needed a 50 Amp service at the campgrounds we stayed.  We could manager her, but we felt encumbered by it.  An F250 is expensive to maintain and run, gas was outrageous.  I just felt there was a better option out there for us….. Read More

We Test The CNOC Water Bladder

One of the items you MUST have when hiking any distance is a water collection/filtration device.  On our AT hike last year we looked at various systems like MSR, Katadyn, Sawyer, and Platypus.  On the internet there are hundreds of opinions, and we all know that opinions are like A$$H0les, and here is just one more.  Hopefully our choice will help you make informed decision and make your hike more enjoyable. 

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