Wishing You A Hoppy Easter

We wanted to thank everyone for the year so far and simply hope the Easter Bunny left everyone a basket of happiness, blessings, and cheer.

Happy Easter from Charlene (The Wife), Don (The Hubby), Heather (The Sister), Rachel (The Niece) and Jason aka “Bubby” (The Nephew)


Transition – Good, Bad and I Am Going To Be Okay

We have all been someplace in our lives and we wonder how we get there.  I am in that transition period in my life and I am trying to figure it out.  So…..what does that mean?  Let me tell you a story….

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Clothing Storage In An Airstream

Clothing Storage in an Airstream…

In our Airstream Serenity 30W we had storage under the L shaped couch/bench that I never had any idea of what to do with.  I am not a big fan of going through five different maneuvers to get something done.  Whatever I was going to stick under there had to be something I was never going to use, ever, or at least once in a blue moon.  Not sure what that was going to be as we live a very minimalist lifestyle.  What does a girl put down there????

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Water in the Winter

We wintered in our first Airstream for two full winters.  The first location we wintered had a heated post and the second location did not have a heated post.  They both had their challenges, but at least having a heated post helps tremendously.  Let me explain…..

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Moses’ 2018 AT Presentation

In Two-Thousand Eighteen we took a little trip, along with Old Man Verner up the mighty…. Okay the song Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton had popped into my mind when I started typing.  What is this song?  It’s a fun little song that hit #1 back in the late 50’s and a favorite of mine back in my childhood (A link to the song is at the end of this post).  Now, let me try this again….. As many of you are aware Charlene and I took a little walk from West Virginia to the Connecticut border on the Appalachian Trail late last spring with “Moses” (Ray), Charlene’s dad. What most of you are probably not aware of is

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Ventilation is your friend…….

Our Serenity had fabulous ventilation in the shower.  Our new/used Basecamp seemed to lack that ability.  The basecamp had the fan, but no cross ventilation for the bathroom/shower – must have been a guy design ;-).   Read More

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

On this day where everyone is Irish I wanted to share some family history.


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