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Having Fun With Leftover Halloween Tortilla Chips

Charlene asks “what do you want for dinner” my response of let’s have spaghetti was answered by “these pork chops need to be cooked before they go bad”. Okay, decision made, pork chops it is. I love screwing around with dinner and trying something…

Too Windy To Cook Outside?

Have you ever wanted to get outside and throw something on your Firedisc (or grill – btw, time to upgrade) only to have the wind stop you? Maybe the answer is the “Wind Helmet” . The short video below shows the difference with and…

How We Clean Our Firedisc

Last week we showed how cooking with the Firedisc if different from using a typical BBQ; cleaning it is different too.  We are all used to pulling the food off our grill and cranking up the heat to burn off the leav’ns before hitting…

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