How We Clean Our Firedisc

Last week we showed how cooking with the Firedisc if different from using a typical BBQ; cleaning it is different too.  We are all used to pulling the food off our grill and cranking up the heat to burn off the leav’ns before hitting the grates with a wire brush.  Maybe, just maybe you’ll oil up the grates, but more than likely you’ll just close the lid and walk away till next time.  I put together a quick video that shows how “we” clean and oil our Firedisc after each meal. 

It only takes a few minutes to do and if you make sure you do this each time your disc will remain rust free and ready for use when your hunger and fancy strikes. Here are the basic steps:

1.      Get some water, paper towels, and oil or lard (we prefer vegetable oil for cleaning)

2.      Wipe down your cooking surface to remove larger bits and pieces

3.      Add a cup or two of water

4.      Heat the water till it is steaming

5.      Turn off the heat and using tongs (nobody needs second and third degree burns) to hold paper towels, wipe the cooking surface until clean

6.      Repeat as necessary

7.      Add a little oil and reheat the Firedisc

8.      Wipe the cooking surface till clean again protecting yourself from burns

9.      Wipe oil over the surface to protect the metal till next use.

10.   Work on your next menu and get ready to cook again

Taking care of your Firedisc is easy and with proper care should provide years of great food.  Thanks for being part of our “Awesome Adventure”

“Capt O” and “TIBS”










Out With The Old – In With The New

You may not know this but I, Capt O, love gadgets. When TIBS and I saw the Firedisc I knew we had to have one. TIBS said “Hell Yeah” and did that voodoo that she do.  A week later she found one brand spanking new in the box, who cares that it is Fireball Whiskey branded-that just makes it cooler, for less than half price so we pulled the trigger. It has taken a little time to get used to it, however the versatility has us wowed.  So it was out with the old Weber 2200 and in with the new Firedisc.

 So far I have cooked peppers and onions, chop suey, steamed 100 clams at the same time, steaks, and breakfast (see the video here). We absolutely love this thing. Firedisc is coming out with a carry bag soon and that will make it totally transportable. You know what that means… it will be going with us and we once again escape New Jersey in the spring.

 Thanks for checking out the YouTube video and BTW… keep and eye out for rebranding soon.

 Thanks for sharing our adventures

 Capt O and TIBS

Why Get An Airstream Basecamp???

Why did we switch from an International Serenity 30W to a Basecamp.

We have had many people ask us why we switched from the Serenity to the Basecamp. In just a few sentences We’ll try to give you the best answer we possibly can. While we enjoyed living in the Serenity having loads of space, multiple TVs, surround-sound and more seating options; the Basecamp gives us more travel options than the serenity ever did. First the Basecamp weighs about 7,000 pounds less. This allowed us to trade the Ford F-250 for a Honda Ridgeline. We calculated the fuel cost for or trip to Maine and the money we saved on gas, about $275, means more money for entertainment and souvenirs. Second the smaller length, 16’ vs 30’, and shorter height, 9 1/2’ vs 11 1/2’ trailer and lighter GVW truck meant we could travel on New York Parkways and stay away from the big-rigs. It’s easier to find gas stations and park, and faster to set up and tear down too. No longer do we consider paying extra for a pull through space and 50amp service. We can easily drive on smaller roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway on a recent trip. And while we didn’t stay at state parks or campgrounds this trip, many will not allow trailers greater than 25’.

Is the Basecamp perfect? Is it a big transition? It’s a HUGE change; we are still figuring it out and making changes. Also it’s not perfect, hell no RV is, but it is for us. And, it will allow us to see more of this great country of ours… while doing it in style.

See y’all on the road

Choosing A Brake Controller

Charlene gave me the task of finding the right brake controller for our new truck and Airstream.  After looking at various Brake Controllers from companies like Tekonsha, Draw-Tite, and Hopkins I decided to go with the Autowbrake system for the 2019 Honda Ridgeline and 2017 Airstream Basecamp.  Why?  I am a huge fan of a “plug &play” style of device and more importantly we did not want to drill holes in the new truck.  Yes, the Tekonsha Prodigy RF met those needs however the Autowbrake is a compact unit with only a simple key-fob in the truck that’s seeming made to go with the cutting-edge design of both the truck and the trailer.  The team at Colonial Airstream did the install of the brake controller which is total contained “inside” the Basecamp fitting nicely under the sink taking up almost no room at all; and no wiring, drilling, or mounting in the Ridgeline was required.  Our test?  How’s a drive from New Jersey to North Carolina over the Blue Ridge Mountains?  8% grades, twists and turns, and trucks…trucks…trucks were everywhere.  How did it perform?  Seamlessly.  No pulling, no over/under braking, and I never had to change any settings using the fob.  Checking temperatures of tires and hubs with an infrared thermometer showed no one brake was heating up more than the others. And, although everything was pretty hot at the bottom of the many hills we had no smoking brakes at all.  What are you using? We’re sticking with our Autowbrake. 

AB 1

Seven (7) Months Grey

I checked my date book to see when my last hair color appointment was, February 16, 2018 at 9:30am…….seven months without hair color.  I never thought I would make it, let alone this far.  I thought I might cave and get a touch-up or cut it all off (that was a quick passing thought); then I realized that I have about another year and a half to go to be completely gray – well that sucks on so many levels. 

What sucks more is being photographed these days.  I feel unkept.  The color scheme I do have on my hair is fading in various stages.   I wish I could just wash all the color out at this point, like right now.  Yeah, patience is not a virtue some days.  I feel like this is a penance on some level from colored hair to gray hair.  It was by my own doing, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it on any level.  Breathe in, breathe out…..patience. 

Does this gray make me look old?  Like coloring my hair was hiding my age?!  I have had my good and bad days with my transition to gray.  I love saving money, I do not miss going to the salon, I hate the time table I am on in growing it out……….yet, through it all I am the same person.  Okay, maybe a little fluffier, but the same person who is in transition with a crown of gray.  Make that lots of gray…….

Bye-Bye Alice the Airstream

Colonial Airstream came this past Wednesday to pick up Alice.  It was hard to see her go.  She has been our home for two years.  She has taken us to incredible places and on some great adventures.  She had many upgrades and modifications to her.  She was well used and loved.  She had many admirers, but she was the bomb in my eyes. It was hard to say good-bye…….

 I named the Airstream after my grandmother on my dads’ side.  Grandmom was a huge part of our lives for many years.  We were lucky to have her for as long as we did. I always felt she was with us during our adventure.  It was hard videoing her departure and I almost lost it at the end………I had to stop talking our I would have.  The old saying that time heals all wounds is true to a point……you just never forget……

 Grandmom would have loved Alice the Airstream……….


TIBS Is Off The Trail

Rocksylvania claims another victim, this time it’s Charlene.  Okay actually we were in New York almost in sight of Connecticut, but the ROCKS seem to go on and on and on…  Coming out of Fahnestock State Park Charlene’s right foot really started to give her problems and the pain was near unbearable so we made the decision to take a zero around Fishkill, NY.  Charlene decided to seek the opinion of the local Urgent Care Center and their diagnosis was “maybe it’s a sprain”.  Maybe?  Are you kidding me?  We took a day’s rest and the foot was feeling no better so the team made the call to grab a rental and head back to Jersey (funny, we have walked over 400 miles and we’re only about a three-hour drive to home -for some reason Gilligan’s Island theme just played in my head) and seek the opinion of a “more qualified” doctor.  Charlene headed off to Rothman Orthopedics and was given two weeks in an inflatable boot, x-rays and an MRI with a return date 2 weeks later for the results.  Well the results are in; Charlene has a fracture of the Cuboid Bone in her right foot. 

foot bone

The boot stays on for another month and no weight bearing.  Best guess is we are done with this chapter… for now.  Having to live with her right now is BULL SH&T (lol)… she is in a foul mood.  Strange, Moses, the 80-year-old is still in one piece… go figure.  His words “We is done” and We have gained a lot of info to make next year’s attempt easier”.  2019 here we come. 

Guess we’ll leave this chapter open and start writing a new one.  Can anyone say BASECAMP?

What was that Charlene? … “THIS IS BULL SHIT”!!!!

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