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Airstream Modifications

We Made Some Changes – Part 1

Whenever you buy a new home whether that be a Mega-Mansion, Alice (our first Airstream, a 2013 International Serenity 30W) or something like our new on the road home – The Airstream Basecamp; the first thing you do is change it!!! Why would we…

Did You Just Run Out Of Propane?

Has your mouth ever been watering while you are in the middle of that batch of bar-b-que chicken or a nice juicy steak and your propane tank runs out? Or maybe you found that perfect camping spot, and in the middle of the night…

Choosing A Brake Controller

Charlene gave me the task of finding the right brake controller for our new truck and Airstream.  After looking at various Brake Controllers from companies like Tekonsha, Draw-Tite, and Hopkins I decided to go with the Autowbrake system for the 2019 Honda Ridgeline and…

Time for a cushy upgrade

Have you ever sat on the school bleachers until your butt was numb?  That’s what watching TV on the couch in our Airstream was like.  After too many uncomfortable evenings watching a little boob-tube we decided something had to be done.  A MiFi, phone,…


The almighty tin can was not even on our radar when we started to look at RV’s. We wanted an RV. Plain and simple. Then we found out how much they cost. Holly shit those things are expensive. Plus, they depreciate. Yikes!! We even…

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