About Us

Who are Char and Don?

We could not seem to tell you about ourselves so we decided to write about each other for you.  We thought you should know a little about us while you enjoy our adventures. 

Donald Swinney (By Char)

Don grew up in Southern California and retired from the Air Force.  He has a sharp mind and quick wit that should have put him in radio, but his life went from working as a recruiter in New York City to the car rental business in New Jersey. He has a passion to cook, while I clean up his mess.  Don is terrified of bats, but can kill spiders on demand.  He is allergic to mosquitos and really loves to be outdoors.  Don wishes for his hair to be brown, again, but I love him as the grey fox that he is.  He spends more time than I do on my hair, but a flat top requires more maintenance and paste than I will ever understand. 

Escaping New Jersey was Don’s idea and I am so glad that I am on this Airstream Adventure with him. 

Charlene Verner (by Don)

Charlene Verner had this idea we talk about each other instead of ourselves. For a man this is like being asked “do these make me look fat” and we usually just say NO and run (LOL). No running this time, in fact  I am ready and willing to make the leap.

Charlene Verner ran a successful multi-million-dollar multi-national company, worked with DEP buying out storm ravaged properties and repurposing them, is an avid outdoors woman, and an international sex symbol (okay I made this one up).  But, who is Charlene Verner?

My beautiful wife is a study in two opposites; what might be called “leather and lace” or “denim and pearls”. I have seen her spend hours in a salon and in front of a mirror only to tie her hair back without ever grabbing a brush.  I have seen her sexilly slide on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s one day … sorry had to pause here (wink) and throw on her work boots the next. I have seen her cuddled all lazy under blanket only to see her grab a pack or kayak and show up many a man. She does not have children, unless you count me, but has a mother’s third eye and love for children. She stands up to bullies, but screams and runs at the tiniest eight-legged beast.  She is articulate, but can make a sailor blush and cover their ears. She says she needs help or “I don’t understand”, but she is a straight “A” student. She says “with these <a guy’s imagination inserted here> I can have everything” then spends nights doing volunteer work for the poor. She is fiercely independent and at the same time says she needs me; and one day asked me “Damn it, when did you become my world?”

Who is Charlene? These things and more. As the song says “Just as you think you’ve got it all figured out the page is already turning”.  I’m just glad I get to see the pages turn. And, I am excited to take a leisurely 2189 mile hike with her and help write the next chapter in the book of Charlene. I Love You Angel, or is that devil (evil grin).





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