Transition – Good, Bad and I Am Going To Be Okay

We have all been someplace in our lives and we wonder how we get there.  I am in that transition period in my life and I am trying to figure it out.  So…..what does that mean?  Let me tell you a story….

Don and I had gotten a case of the ass in our lives when we could not get another job as we were the token old people being interviewed and never getting the job.  Grrr….just because I am over 50 does not mean I am old enough to put away to pasture, geez.  So, we found a contract job that allowed us to travel full time in our Airstream and go see this great country of ours.  If it seems too good to be true, then it is not good.  I am not sorry we took the job as we made great friends, had a great time, but the company was lacking in so many ways. 

It was hard to leave family, friends, and to sell everything we owned.  We rented our properties out, which kind of hurt a bit.  We put a lot of love into our homes and it was hard to see others in them, but we wanted out of New Jersey in a bad way.  I think we needed to get away and take a breath from our lives, the area, our jobs……and man did it feel good.  We got to see some great things, meet fabulous people and the food, yes the food, was fabulous – who knew?!  Then life throws you a curve ball… dad had cancer. 

We got the news January 2018.  It set me back a bit to say the least.  I am so thankful that both of my parents are still living.  Sadly, my husbands’ parents are both gone. I know this will happen to me, someday, but it was a blow.  We came back to New Jersey to take my dad to appointments, get several opinions, etc.  We ended up at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  It was a good choice.  My dad is cancer free.

Then we all decide to hike the Appalachian Trail after my dads’ cancer treatments.  What the heck we are here and looking for options on what to do.  We started in April and ended, at almost 500 miles, in June.  I broke my foot, ugh.  I am on the mend and ready to head back out on the AT in late April 2019 with my dad and Don. 

Then my mom breaks her foot and my parents have a summer rental at the shore that needs to get up and ready for the season.  Yeah, still nothing going on for me lol (Don found a part time job at Home Depot).  So, I am cleaning, fixing and getting the shore house ready for the season……

In the middle of all of this, we traded our 30’ Airstream Serenity for a 16’ Airstream Basecamp and our F250 to a Honda Ridgeline (great vehicle btw). 

I am sure you are asking what the heck is this all about???  Well, I miss being out on the road, the trail and then when I get out….I miss home.  It is a cycle that I struggle with.  My parents are getting older and so am I.  I grew up with the idea of getting a good job, getting married, having kids, blah, blah, blah……I am not sure that I have it figured out, even now.  My feet are itching to get back out on the trail, but my wheels are burning to get out of New Jersey…….the struggle is real and sitting here writing this has me jealous of those who are out and about on the trail, in your RV, in your boat……I honestly thought we would be full time in our Airstream much longer than we did, but life changes.  I have had to learn to go with the flow and let things happen as they should – even if I want it differently lol.  What is the old saying….if you want to see God laugh then tell him your plans.  We are currently staying at my parents place at the shore.  I can’t believe a year has passed so quickly.  I never thought I would be in NJ for another winter, ever, never, nada, no way……yet, I was….mmmph.  I hate winters in NJ anymore.  I know that this too shall pass and I will be okay, right?!  Just another transition…….

On a side note…..I am so, so thankful my dad is here with us.  I had him ring the bell at Fox Chase.  He did not want to do it, but I reminded him that many are not given the opportunity to do so… ring that damn bell dad……

2nd side note……my dad has a hard time with me wanting to leave, yet he is the one who inspired my love of travel with great curiosity.  When we were kids we were either camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, and just traveling the country……I am not sure he knew what a great advisor he really was and is on my life…….he is still a big pain in my ass at times, but I love the old coot…..xo


3 Comments on “Transition – Good, Bad and I Am Going To Be Okay

  1. You Inspire me!!! Thank you for sharing your feelings and emotions. We all go through different challenges and many of our dreams do not become a reality. However, you have stayed the course and achieved big strides. All your plans may not fortify but your courage and determination will make it happen. I wish you the very best always. All my love and hugs.


  2. Beautifully written Charlene!!! If it makes you feel any better…everyone wants out of New Jersey. But, no matter where land there are ties that bind. I admire your bravery in what you and Don are doing and the way you carry on. Take care my friend and remember the song…Big Wheels Keep on Turning!! 🙂

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