Enlightened Equipment Torrid Apex Jacket Review

Pros: Lightweight





Cons: Hard to put on in wet

Doesn’t store in own pocket

Concerns about durability

Elastic at waist

Not reversible

In 2018 I was just days away from leaving for the AT and I did not have a synthetic jacket in my repertoire. Last minute I saw the Enlightened Equipment Torrid Apex Jacket and made a call. They had a size large, only one, left in stock and it was Virginia Tech colors… purple with and orange interior. Not my first choice but doable and they offered me a “military discount” since I did retire from the US Air Force so I pulled the trigger. They overnighted to me and with no time to test the jacket, in my pack it went. On the trail I noticed some good and not so good features about this jacket. It kept me warm, seemed durable enough, but I do baby it, however if I was damp it was a bear to get my arm in the sleeve. Also the elastic waist would be much more versatile if it had draw strings. For the extra half ounce or so of weight this would make the jacket an A in my book. And, while the jacket packs really small I wish it would stuff into its own pocket like my Ghost Whisperer does. While I’m wishing I wish it was a reservable jacket to take advantage of the customizable colors available.

Overall I give this jacket a B+ and it will be in my pack for our 2019 AT continuation hike.

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