TIBS Takes A Hobby To The Next Level

It all started with six little words “you know I used to loom”. Trust me when I say “if I’d had only known…. (lol)”. In the couple months since those six fateful words were uttered my life has changed. And now that the first craft show is over I have to say it has changed for the better. Charlene started her new looming career by making me a hat for work that she must have spent over a week looking for just the right yarn. She loves me.

Let’s fast forward through multiple visits to Walmart, Target, Michaels, and AC Moore, not to mention yarn shops in every state we have visited from New Jersey to Maine until we get to Craft Show minus 10 days. I said she loves me right? Every time I would walk in the room, turned on the TV, said Hi, heck maybe even breathed (lol) I was in the way. Charlene was learning new stitches, having to count, train her fingers and hands to do new tricks. Needless to say EVERYTHING was my fault. I had no idea that a video game on a different side of the house and on a lower floor could cause a person to miss a stitch so earphones it was.


The video shows that day of the show and how it all turned out. As far as I’m concerned it was a win, or at least the hug, kiss, and thank you made it a win for me.

Next show in a week then she takes over the world. Lol.


2 Comments on “TIBS Takes A Hobby To The Next Level

  1. Wow…you go girl!!! Wish you lots of success. Your items looks very nice. I am a crocheter so know how it is when you are counting stitches or rows!!! Judy Logan ________________________________


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