Chicken Parm or Fried Chicken

Over the years I have never been able to make good “fried chicken”. Sure I have pounded a breast flat and covered them in bread crumbs for a pan fry or lemon pepper seasoning. Maybe even turned them into pinwheels, but fried chicken has been the bane of my existence (lol). I have memories of my Grandma Roy whipping up a heap’n pile of mixed parts and my Mom bringing a mountain of legs to a picnic. As for me, picture chicken with a coating that doesn’t stick or over cooked coating with pink in the middle. After a seven or eight year hiatus it was time to heat up the Firedisc and dive in again, hoping that time truly does heal all. This video below shows the outcome and let me say “I Am Invincible” (cheap James Bond rip-off). Oh and the licked clean plate… let’s just say it wasn’t mine…

Thanks for joining us on our Adventure,

Charlene and Don


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