Food On The Appalachian Trail – Our 2018 Flip Flop Start and Going Forward

Many of you know that Charlene, aka “TIBS”, broke her foot about 450 miles into our Flip-Flop.  As we get within six months of stepping off again it’s time to look back at what we did and how it worked.  For meals on the AT we looked at everyone and everything we could and started off with an idea (see the video link for what we started with back in April)…

…and as the trail went on we were surprised to find we were doing okay.  There were a few constants however:

1.      TIBS had to have her tea in the morning

2.     Instant mash potatoes get old really quick

3.     I really do dislike tuna

4.     Ramen noodles take forever to rehydrate, or so it seems

5.     Some nights you’re just too tired to eat and if you don’t plan on dragg’n ass the next day

6.     Towns are not always close and don’t always have what you want

7.     You will develop cravings for sugar and real food, or at least we did

We won’t change much going back out in 2019 except … no never mind, I’m still going to hate tuna and TIBS won’t be eating Spam – it’s hard for her to hike and belch at the same time (lol).

Feel free to ask us questions on what we carried, it’s weight, and if you have any suggestions on carrying a bear canister please share.

Thanks for joining our “Awesome” adventure,

Don and Char


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