How We Clean Our Firedisc

Last week we showed how cooking with the Firedisc if different from using a typical BBQ; cleaning it is different too.  We are all used to pulling the food off our grill and cranking up the heat to burn off the leav’ns before hitting the grates with a wire brush.  Maybe, just maybe you’ll oil up the grates, but more than likely you’ll just close the lid and walk away till next time.  I put together a quick video that shows how “we” clean and oil our Firedisc after each meal. 

It only takes a few minutes to do and if you make sure you do this each time your disc will remain rust free and ready for use when your hunger and fancy strikes. Here are the basic steps:

1.      Get some water, paper towels, and oil or lard (we prefer vegetable oil for cleaning)

2.      Wipe down your cooking surface to remove larger bits and pieces

3.      Add a cup or two of water

4.      Heat the water till it is steaming

5.      Turn off the heat and using tongs (nobody needs second and third degree burns) to hold paper towels, wipe the cooking surface until clean

6.      Repeat as necessary

7.      Add a little oil and reheat the Firedisc

8.      Wipe the cooking surface till clean again protecting yourself from burns

9.      Wipe oil over the surface to protect the metal till next use.

10.   Work on your next menu and get ready to cook again

Taking care of your Firedisc is easy and with proper care should provide years of great food.  Thanks for being part of our “Awesome Adventure”

“Capt O” and “TIBS”










2 Comments on “How We Clean Our Firedisc

  1. Charlene purchased this lid and it fits perfect. We have set up Amazon affiliate links (can’t blame us for wanting a finders fee), to help you find what we use. Here is the link and it is also under the Our Gear/Outdoor Cooking tab on the website.

    Thank you,

    Don and Char


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