Out With The Old – In With The New

You may not know this but I, Capt O, love gadgets. When TIBS and I saw the Firedisc I knew we had to have one. TIBS said “Hell Yeah” and did that voodoo that she do.  A week later she found one brand spanking new in the box, who cares that it is Fireball Whiskey branded-that just makes it cooler, for less than half price so we pulled the trigger. It has taken a little time to get used to it, however the versatility has us wowed.  So it was out with the old Weber 2200 and in with the new Firedisc.

 So far I have cooked peppers and onions, chop suey, steamed 100 clams at the same time, steaks, and breakfast (see the video here). We absolutely love this thing. Firedisc is coming out with a carry bag soon and that will make it totally transportable. You know what that means… it will be going with us and we once again escape New Jersey in the spring.

 Thanks for checking out the YouTube video and BTW… keep and eye out for rebranding soon.

 Thanks for sharing our adventures

 Capt O and TIBS


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