Boiling Springs, PA

Charlene is the queen of FB pages and over our travels has learned to hook up with the “spouses” pages on the various bases we have stayed at or near us. Knowing we were headed into Carlisle, PA she reached out to the spouses at Carlisle Barracks and found a “Trail Angel”… Sue aka Momma Q. Since we decided to take a Nero Charlene reached out and Sue was available to take us almost anywhere locally but would be a little while since she was at work. No Problem for us, time to eat, find a hotel (since the local places are no longer hiker friendly-Hampton In here we come) and hit the outfitters. First … FOOD!!!! Headed over to Cafe 101 to get on our grub. On the way we passed TCO Outfitters and decided drop in sine Charlene needed to get her trekking pole fixed. Did I tell you she lost her footing, slipped down the hill a little and got her leg caught under a log? Thankfully the log caught her, but she bent her tracking pole. Don to the rescue… yep my knight in shining armor moment… to lift the log off her leg. Back to TCO, Charlene found out they are a Leki dealer and they would try and fix it. Leaving the pole we parked our packs on their bench and continued to the cafe. Reviewing the restaurant:

Pros: Price


Large Portions

Free drink refills

Cons: No Waitress Service

Snooty customers

No electric plugs for hikers

Eating to much and a full tummy it was time to head back to the outfitters. The pole was fixed. Cost? ZERO, NADA, NOTHING, FREE!!! They replaced a part calling it warranty and we purchased a few more items. Done at TCO we headed over to the ATC office to sit and wait for sue, she gets off at 4p. We grabbed a seat, opened our sodas, and relaxed. Just then Sue called and was on her way. Color me surprised when we found out she locked the doors to come get us. Sue gave us a quick history lesson and got us to the Hampton. Dropping us off we arranged with her for the return ride and offered to pay her. She not only refused any payment but told us she was here for us any time. We got checked in, free water, hot cookies and Italian delivery to close out the day. I think we were all asleep by 7pm. 6am breakfast, pack the bags, grab a couple bananas for the day and Sue arrived. Time to hike to Carlisle and head to Bob and Bobbie’s. Write more soon….


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