Time for a cushy upgrade

Have you ever sat on the school bleachers until your butt was numb?  That’s what watching TV on the couch in our Airstream was like.  After too many uncomfortable evenings watching a little boob-tube we decided something had to be done.  A MiFi, phone, an Air Book, and elbow grease later Charlene finds a company called Southern Stitch in Gulfport, Mississippi that might be able to help us (Note: You never want to clothes shop with us-lol).  The scene now shifts to Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  I see the puzzled look in your eyes, follow along and you will get the picture.  We walked into Southern Stitch, explained our problem, and walked out a few days later with the white foam in one of our couch cushions. Will call this cushion “The Tester”.  After sitting on “The Tester” we called out “this is too hard”, and back we went.  This time we picked out the blue foam.  Another few nights sitting on “The Tester” and we cried out “this is too soft”.  One more time we headed back.  After many discussions, a decision was made to layer the two different colored foams. A couple more nights with “The Tester” and we had our Goldilocks moment… “This is just right!!!”.  Now it’s back one more time to Southern Stitch; this time with all the bottom cushions off the couch and the dinette.  Another week, thankfully we were on vacation, and five C bills later (pretty darn cheap for the patience and quality of work) and we are back in business.  Sitting at the dinette no longer feels like you are seated at the kids table and the couch is comfortable enough to sleep on; and take in a rainy-day movie marathon (Pictures are in the gallery).  Now where is that remote… Charlene!?!?!


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