Packing and Crying….

Today is bitter sweet.  I am the third generation living in our family home that we just rented to a lovely young family.  I have been packing up all the pictures, artwork, photos, etc.  Some I will miss and some I cried packing up.  Especially the ones of my grandmother.  This was her home and my dad grew up here.  Heck, I grew up here and then moved back a few years ago.  While I was typing this I was crying and eating my fifth taco (a beer might be next).  I needed the break from packing, but I needed to reflect a bit.  I am going to miss this old home…..the people….this small town…….my neighbors and most important my family.  My parents live three doors down.  My only sibling lives a few miles down the road with my niece and nephew that I love to the moon and back.  All this to move into an Airstream full time.  I am so excited to do this with Don and see this great country of ours, but it sure is bitter sweet.  I need a hug and an ice cream today xo


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